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Petitgrain Oil

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Petitgrain Oil
Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium Common Name : Citrus aurantium l. leaf oil, Petitgrain essential oil CAS # : 8014-17-3, F.E.M.A. : 2855 Plant...

Botanical Name:Citrus aurantium

Common Name:Citrus aurantium l. leaf oil, Petitgrain essential oil

CAS #:8014-17-3, F.E.M.A. : 2855

Plant Parts Used:Leaves & Twigs

Extraction Method:Steam Distillation

Color & Odor:Clear to a yellow tinge tansperant liquid with resh, floral, citrusy, lighter in fragrance than neroli and slightly woody fragrance

Description :
Petitgrain is an essential oil that is extracted from the green twigs of the bitter orange plant (Citrus aurantium var. amara) via steam distillation.

Constituents & Specifications :
Petitgrain oil has various chemical compounds that include Linalyl Acetate, Linalol, Nerol, Alpha-Terpineol, Geranyl Acetate, Limonene and Myrcene.
Specific Gravity : 0.87800 to 0.88900 @ 25.00 °C
Refractive Index : 1.45000 to 1.46000 @ 20.00 °C

Properties :
It is antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-depressant, deodorant, and nervine. It has antidepressant, antispasmodic, deodorant and vitalizing, refreshing and cooling properties.

Benefits & Uses :
  • Petitgrain essential oil will help to calm anger and reduce panic. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and helps to calm a racing heart and relax muscles.
  • It has been used to treat impotence, mental fatigue, colic, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, fainting, vertigo, halitosis and many respiratory conditions.
  • It is helpful to acne, pimples, scars and other skin related problems. It has antiseptic and tonic properties and is helpful in toning skin.
  • It is used in manufacture of superior quality skin care and cosmetic products.
  • Used for high graded perfumery & other fragrances. 
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