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Eclipta Alba Oil

Eclipta Alba Oil

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Eclipta Alba Oil
Botanical Name : Eclipta alba Common Name : Bhringraj, False daisy Plant Parts Used : Leaves Extraction Method : Steam distillation...

Botanical Name:Eclipta alba

Common Name:Bhringraj, False daisy

Plant Parts Used:Leaves

Extraction Method:Steam distillation

Color & Odor:Blackish thick liquid with strong aromatic odour

Description :
It is erect, slender, roughly pubescent herbs, 30-60 cm high. Leaves are opposite, very reliable, sessible, narrowly lanceolate, toothed or nearly entire.

Constituents & Specifications :
Eclipta alba oil has various chemical compounds that include Saponin, tannin, vitamin A and ecliptine.

Properties :
It is liver stimulator, hair & skin tonic, purgative, nervine, antiseptic, restorative, astrigent. It is also useful in anaemia, skin disorders, headache, insomnia and mental disorders.. It work as a general antiseptic and astringent oral mouth washfor infected gums and loose teeth. It helps in maintaining and rejuvenating teeth, bones, hearing, memory and sites.

Benefits & Uses :
  • It directly nourishes and improves the hair particularly beneficial for dry, mature, inflamed and sensitive skin.
  • It is especially good for the liver. It is used to treat cirrhosis, hepatitis or enlargement of spllen and the liver
  • It is believed to prevent aging, maintain and rejuvenate hair, teeth, bones, memory, sight and hearing. It is a rejuvenative for pitta, kidneys and liver.
  • The herb is used as hair tonic, the oil removes greying, balding, makes the hair darker.
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